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Booking their work time obviously is not one of the favorite pastimes of software developers. It is, however, necessary, so it is best to go tackle the issue and create a solution that is flexible, lean and attractive. In 2015, GEOMAGIC has been working on an internal order for a new time recording tool. This tool is designed to help the GEOMAGIC staff spend less time on administrative tasks, and to provide an easy-to-use application.

The time entered by the developers is the basis for GEOMAGIC’s invoices to their customers. Accordingly, work times have to be entered exactly, and they have to be documented in relation to the current customer orders.

This means that the developers working on the time recording tool had to find an intelligent solution for integrating two existing systems: Microsoft Sharepoint, which is used for managing customer orders commercially, and JIRA, which is used for tracking project tasks. In addition to linking up both these systems, a third tool was required to supply data reporting functionality from a commercial perspective. All of these aspects are now covered by an attractive Hybrid App, which can of course be used via PC, smartphone or tablet.