GEOMAGIC and GE Smallworld™ MAOP Calculator product

MAOP-Calculator for pipeline operators

During this year’s annual GITA Oil & Gas Conference from 28th to 30th October in Houston, Texas, GEOMAGIC and GE presented the new Smallworld™ MAOP Calculator product. This product is based on US MAOP (Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure) regulations by the DOT.

The MAOP Calculator has been developed by GEOMAGIC on behalf of GE. It helps pipeline operators to evolve audit-proof MAOP documentation, including information on how a line’s MAOP has been derived and which part of the PHMSA regulations it is limited by. The MAOP Calculator also offers calculation capabilities for validating or revising the officially established MAOP at any time, for example to cover class location changes due to growing settlement areas.

For more information on this new technology, please refer to the GE press release.