Integrated analysis of pipeline data supports strategic decision making


The Strategic Asset Management approach used by the transmission company ONTRAS Gastransport GmbH was presented at the GE Software Summit in Colorado Springs by Wolfram Günther (ONTRAS) and Dr. Stephan Knoblauch (GEOMAGIC).For ONTRAS, Asset Management is a means of making sure that their network is safe and meets market needs at all times while optimizing the effort required. Additionally, ONTRAS can provide evidence to regulatory authorities that each measure they have taken was necessary and has been carried out in an economically expedient way.

Condition assessment results for the pipelines are considered together with cost factors and strategic information, which also allows ONTRAS to optimize rehabilitation and repair measures for impact on the Netzentwicklungsplan Gas (German Network Development Plan for natural gas) and on European rules and market regulation.

This software-based approach puts ONTRAS among the leaders in pipeline management. ONTRAS has exact information on the position and technical condition of their pipelines. They collect operational data, in-line inspection data and data on cathodic corrosion protection. The data is managed in a GIS, it is assessed using the integrity software trasuce.PIMS®, and the various data elements are then brought together using the GeoNAM® suite. Integrated analysis of data elements from different sources provides a solid base for strategic decision making, including not only pipeline integrity data, but also costing information and network development strategy.

This approach met with considerable interest at the GE Software Summit. GEOMAGIC says thank you to all participants for their input, which will become part of the continuous improvement effort for our products.