Released to market: GeoILI 4.1.1


In mid-February, GEOMAGIC released a new version of its pig-run data management tool – GeoILI 4.1.1, which supports Smallworld GIS 4.0, 4.1.1. Due to a new user interface and other innovations, working with pig-run data will now be easier than ever before.

Several extensions to the data model have been integrated into the new version. Two new attributes have been added to the features menu: status and radial position. Via the status attribute, features can now be removed from repaired pipes without deleting them. Via the radial position attribute, features can be marked as internal or external during the logging process.

In rare cases, errors in calculating the shortest route occurred in previous versions of GeolLI if a company’s own pipelines crossed each other. In order to prevent any such miscalculations in future, ILI block knots can be inserted to block unsuitable monitoring routes for pig runs.

The ILI visibility controller and the corresponding “display” fields have been removed from the data model. Tools such as thematic mapping or GM hierarchical visibility can be used as an alternative.