Successful introduction of trascue.PIMS at Nowega


The trascue.PIMS integrity software has gone live at Nowega in March 2015. Nowega is a gas transmission company based in Münster, Germany. The software has been introduced in a 6-month project and is now making the task of establishing pipeline integrity easier and more transparent. Formal confirmation of pipeline integrity is part of a business management system as required by the German regulation on high-pressure gas transmission pipelines (GasHDrLtgV).

Configuring the assessment logic was also part of the project. The assessment logic is based on an algorithm which was developed by a joint committee of several German transmission companies and which ranks segments of line data. The assessment logic has been adapted to Nowega’s requirements. It allows making data-based statements on technical pipeline integrity and provides full traceability of the assessment process. Assessment results can be compared to earlier calculations. For the first time, the assessment logic also works with German real estate cadastre data (ALKIS) to locate roads and rail tracks. GEOMAGIC provided documentation on the GIS input data used and on the assessment logic as part of the project.

Nowega has run the first integrity analyses using trascue.PIMS, looking at piggable and unpiggable lengths of pipe. The results from these assessments provide a baseline and help determine whether and in which ways the assessment logic has to be further refined in order to be applicable to the entire network.