trascue.PIMS at PSNC Energy

PSNC führt trascue.PIMS ein

The natural gas supplier PSNC Energy, based in North Carolina, has decided to use trascue.PIMS in order to improve safety standards and risk and condition assessment.

GEOMAGIC and partner company Ubisense are managing the introduction project, which is structured in two phases and scheduled to take 8 months.

The project includes software installation and configuration as well as implementation of a risk assessment logic. Ubisense is the general contractor for this project, coordinates work and will maintain trascue.PIMS at PSNC Energy.

At PSNC Energy, the company’s Smallworld GIS is the source for the assessment data. GEOMAGIC will configure the export routine to prepare the available data for assessment. The assessment method and algorithms have been configured in the first phase of the project by GEOMAGIC in trascue.PIMS. The assessment method can be changed at any time and maintained by the customer.

trascue.PIMS will support the following work at PSNC Energy:

  • Initial risk assessment for PSNC’s high-pressure gas transmission pipelines, including CP data from BASS TRIGON
  • Adding risk analysis data if it is incomplete in the GIS
  • Storing metadata as part of the analysis
  • Data manipulation for what-if scenarios, in order to determine appropriate risk mitigation methods and to find and remedy gaps in pipeline documentation data
  • Archiving and organizing risk assessment data, including the input data used, against later audits

PSNC Energy is a SCANA company and runs about 965 kilometers (600 miles) of high pressure gas transmission pipelines in the eastern, central and western areas of North Carolina. PSNC Energy services about 520,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers.